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Watch out for all the great changes in Update 36!


- The crafting time of all PvE weapons has been reduced to a base time of 1 hour. Additional improvements (building upgrades, decorations etc.) will further reduce the crafting time. The reduced crafting time will be active for the entire duration of the Gaulish Crafting Weeks (until September 28th).

- The Phoenician trader's quest objectives have been changed from "deliver" to "collect". This means that you have to collect the requested items by crafting or finding them. You can also receive them through trade or by buying them. Items already in your inventory will not count towards the quest objective. However this means that you get to keep the items when completing the quest instead of losing them when completing the quest (as was the case before).

- The Poor Sword, Poor Spear, Sword and Spear are not available for purchase in the market for the duration of the event.

- The existing item bundles in the market have been replaced with new ones.


- Various text fixes.

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